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 [AD] ELITEMU Season VI | Exp: x100 || Drop: 35% || BestAntiCheat ||NO RESET|

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ПисанеЗаглавие: [AD] ELITEMU Season VI | Exp: x100 || Drop: 35% || BestAntiCheat ||NO RESET|   Нед Сеп 23, 2012 9:13 am


Welcome to EliteMU
EliteMU is a new and fresh long term server.
We are using premium Season 6 Episode 3 files (MuEngine) that contain hardly any bugs. We took the time to configure this server to give our players the best experience.
The client is equipped with anti-cheat protection both with server side and a custom launcher with auto-updates.
This server has all the latest features such as:

- RageFighter class
- Mastering skill tree
- New events
- Official mu helper and loads more!

This server content no reset system , which mean server are running same as GMO version. But some of feature are different ,NPC etc.With the new Gens feature PVP becomes even more fun, while you battle as family versus family.
Get rewards as you work your way up in the Gens ranking list!

Links: - - -
EliteMU Forum -

For player who already have Season 6 ep 3 client just download ELITEMU PATCH
Downloads - .::Elitemu Gaming Network::.
and extract into client folder than start game from Mu.exe

If you have problem with main.exe not launch
just download this clean main.exe
Download Main.exe from - send big files the easy way

EliteMU Features:

- Premium S6E3 Files (MUEngine)
- Main 1.04d version
- Custom launcher with auto-update
- Friendly and Experienced Staff
- Original monster Spots
- CashShop HOT!
- New extended warehouse & Inventory Hot
- Vote Reward ( ECoins )
- Online exchange ( ECoins )


-Exp: 100x
-Drop rate: 35%
-Max level: 400
-Max master level: 200
-Max users: unlimited
-PVP: Yes
-24/7: Yes

Chaos Mix :

- Global style.


- /addstr
- /addene
- /addagi
- /addvit
- /marry
- /post
- and lots more!

Specific Features:

- Socket System
- Chaos Cards System
- Rage Fighter
- Mu Helper System HOT!
- New Map Kalrutan HOT!
- Extra Solo Exp on Event maps (5x extra)
- Extra Party Exp ( 10x extra)
- New Inventory And Warehouse Extension Hot
- New Master Skill Tree - Rage Fighter Hot
- Marry System
- 3rd Class Quest
- 3rd Level Wings
- Tiny Wings HOT!
- Pvp Gens System
- Moss The Gambler
- New Duel System " Duel Arena"
- Vulcan map
- Cherry Blossom Quest
- Raklion
- Seed Spheres
- New Ancient sets HOT!

Game Events:

Castle Siege Event
Lottery Event HOT!
Double Goer Event
Blood Castle Event
Devil Square Event
Chaos Castle Event
Illusion Temple Event
Golden Archer Event HOT!
Raklion Hatchery Event
Halloween Event
X-Mas Attack Event
Monster Spawn Event HOT!
White Wizard Event
Red Dragon Invasion
Golden Monster Invasion
Includes New Golden Mobs
Auto Drop Event HOT!
Kanturu Event
CryWolf Event
Loren Deep Event
Jewel Gamble Event HOT!
Player vs Player Gambling, Lucky Winner Takes All
New Year Event
Moss The Gambler Event
Scramble Words Event HOT!
Cherry Blossom Event
Golden Archer Event
Kalima 1-7 Event
Extra Experience Event
Marry Event
Dungeon Race Event HOT!
Player vs Player Race Event In Dungeons
PVP LastStand Event HOT!
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[AD] ELITEMU Season VI | Exp: x100 || Drop: 35% || BestAntiCheat ||NO RESET|
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