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ПисанеЗаглавие: BG Server START TODAY 18:00   Съб Апр 28, 2012 1:21 am

Version: MuOnline Season III Episode I
Experience : : 300x
Drop: 50%
Max Reset: 76
Reset Level: 400
Zen for reset: 10 mln x Reset number
Global command: /say
Personal pet: /pet 1~5 (need for that Zen and 1 Chaos,to summon the next pet (2 or 3 or 4 or 5) you'll need to increase lvl of Pet.

Event list :

- Happy weekend event every week exp is growing to 110x
- Blood Castle (Increased EXP)
- Devil's Square (Increased EXP)
- Golden Dragon Invasion (Every 4 hours)
- Skeleton Invasion
- White Mage Invasion (Ring Event)
- Chaos Castle
- Castle Siege (Land of Trials - Increased EXP with 5%,added in drop "Symbol of Luck")
- Kantru (Maya & Nightmare Event)
- Crywolf (Balgass AttackEvery Saturday at 21:00 o'clock by server time)
- Kalima
- Rena Event (Where can be founded the item "Rena" (also in drop) wich have reward at Golden Archer)
- New system qwest(Lorencia NPC)
- Carnage Event (2 times per day) (Drop exc items+anc items)

Others :

Working Cash Shop - you can buy items by CashShop points.
ChaosCard Master- Working (exc items). v Lotery NPC(Davias)-can be a jewel or items 0~+11 with options(not exc).
Pk Clear NPC(Lorencia) - Zen per kill.
Lotery Monsters- They are walking in maps like - Davias,Lorencia,Noria.
3D Map & MiniMap- instructions can be found in "Instructions.txt"from Game Client.
New monsters in Arena/Aida.
Balanced Game Play.
New AntiHack System.(Fair play)
New jewels like - Jewel of Exelent(can be added 3 options excelent random) & Jewel of Mystical (can be increased the lvl of pendats & rings 0~+13)

Reset system :

Points per reset : Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master - 550 points.
Dark Knignt / Blade Knight / Blade Master-500 points.
Fairy Elf / Muse Elf / High Elf-550 points.
Magic Gladiator / Duel Master-600 points.
Dark Lord / Lord Emperor- 600 points.
Command stats after reset DL = 1k.
Clean Inventory - no.
Clean skills - no.
After reset-If you don't have enought POINTS for items,take off from character,or you'll receive a disconnect.

Success Rates:

Jewel Of Soul: 50%
Jewel Of Soul + Luck: 65%
Jewel Of Life: 50%
Item +10: 60%
Item +11: 55%
Item +12: 50%
Item +13: 45%
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